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Design and Development Prices

Yes, we actually are putting our prices on our website.  Most web development companies will give you a bid for the entire project.  When they do this they make sure that they over estimate the bid so that they make enough money hourly on you, and they try to estimate it so that they are earning anywhere from $200-300 an hour.

We are different.  Our regular rate is $90 an hour, billed at 1/100 of an hour increments.  We don’t round up. You only pay for our actual work.  We are very honest with our time and keep close track of it.  You even get login information to track how we spent our time working for you.  We have many experienced clients who have used other companies and found over all our services to be less expensive and we give more freedom to make any changes.

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Hosting Prices

Each website needs to sit on a high end computer that is connected to the internet 24 hours a day with redundant power and a super high speed connection.  This special type of computer is called a server.  Our servers are high end very fast servers, and we offer them without limits*.  No bandwidth limit, no storage space limit and unlimited email accounts.  We even do automatic nightly backups so if you mess up your site it can be restored.  Our hosting prices are $59 a year per site.

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Other Prices

Need help with other things?  We have different pricing structures for the following items:

Search Engine Optimization

Paid Ad Management

Social Media Management