Pricing for SEO by the Hour

Most SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Companies don’t tell you what they are doing
and what they have done for you in the past months that you have paid them.
We are different, you pay us based on actual work we perform.
We will give you a login where you can go and see what needs to be done and what we are doing.
Our experts, know SEO and whether you buy 2 hour a month or 24 hours a month
that is how much time we will put in working on your site’s SEO.

How much time a month do you want spent on SEO?
$119.95 for 8 hours each month. Click Here
$205.87 for 16 hours each month. Click Here
$295.87 for 24 hours each month. Click Here
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*SEO hours can not be used for design or development of the site.

It is only for SEO purposes.