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Stan Thompson
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Stan Thompson

I am Stan Thompson, the owner/operator of Top Edge Services LLC.  Since the year 2000 I have been building websites for myself and others.  Some of the websites I own have thousands of members, I truly understand how a website should function.  

A couple of important things about me:

  1. I am creative and analytical, which is really rare to be both.  But I have always been good at designing and programming, and I love to do both.
    One great advantage about having a designer that is logical is that even though a site needs to be pretty it also needs to be functional.  I can find a good balance between the two.
    Also a great advantage to having a programmer that is creative is that I can think outside the box as to how the programming should be done.  This ability has made me a great troubleshooter and problem solver.
  2. I specialize in marketing and Search Engine Optimization.  As I build websites I keep these things in mind. Even as a teenager, I wanted to be a commercial artist.  I have always loved the art of the sale.
  3. I understand conversion.  It is not only important to get people to visit your site, but your site needs to guide them through the process of whatever it is that you want them to do.

I also hire very competent individuals that help me out and together we can make  your website what you expect it to be.